Physiotherapy, Osteotherapy, Massage Therapy — all the therapies.

long term relief

pain or mobility issues. 

But what you haven’t found is

from chronic


ve tried

You're not alone.

All of those therapies can be beneficial, but when you have long standing pain or mobility issues, you need to look at the underlying problem. Not just the symptoms.

 And that’s where Structural Integration comes in. 

Structural Integration works with your fascia (a continuous structure of connective tissue that surrounds pretty much everything in your body—think of it like soft-tissue scaffolding). When fascia’s unhealthy, it can get tight and brittle, causing all sorts of trouble. Things like:

  • limited mobility
  • muscle stiffness and pain
  • even headaches and migraines

 By working directly with the fascia, we can release long standing tension to get your body moving the way it was designed to. 

Want to know more?

Structural Integration

her treatment regime saved me from a surgical procedure and all its associated risks.

 -Geoff P.

I began seeing Emma for treatment to a debilitating back injury about 3 years ago. I am so glad to have found her, as I sincerely believe

 Emma is a professional, caring therapist and has a profound knowledge of the intricacies of the structure of human anatomy, which she puts to wonderful use in her treatment techniques. 

They tell me I have 

But I know it’s accumulated knowledge. Knowledge from over two decades of practicing bodywork on hundreds of clients. Knowledge gained from my qualifications in everything from remedial massage to yoga therapy to structural integration. Knowledge that has become ingrained in my hands and transformed to intuition. 
 You can call it magic if you’d like though. 

magic hands.

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My studio is a safe place where you will be listened to. 

We’ll work together to find the right healing path for your body.

Each body is unique and each session and program is too.

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